about stuart murdoch

Stuart Murdoch,  Photographer; Picture Maker; and Geek!

Me at the ripe old age of about 6
Hi, I'm Stuart Murdoch, [Artist | Picture maker | Publisher | Apple-Geek], I specialise in all forms of creative image construction/manipulation using still cameras. Contact me if you have an enquiry?


As a visual artist I create for a variety of mediums, some online some more visceral and tactile. Visit my online portfolio/gallery to see some digital examples of the imagery I make. Several online platforms I use include, ello, flickr, instagram [s2zart], tumblr [with several sub-tumblrs that explore several ideas. My online activities include blogging of course, in 2019 I shifted to here blogger.

My early career in the fine arts began by making fine silver gelatin prints. Currently I focus on any and all forms of image construction using any photographic device at hand. I completed an M.A. in 2002. The whole thing as an object, lives in the RMIT library and was a comparison between silver gelatin and inkjet technologies of the era.

These days my list of chosen tools includes, black and white film of all formats from 35mm to 5x4 inches. I also use Colour film, including medium and large format. I use Digital and toy cameras also, to experiment with.  I used to use Polaroid® materials and cameras when the stock was readily available.

I have been toying with mobile phone cameras since they appeared on the market. A list of cameras used include a Nokia then a Sony Ericsson K700i followed by a k610i then a Sony Ericcson C902, and now iPhones.

I upload a lot of my images to flickr, as well as tumblr. Each of these spaces is an ongoing series of experimental online permanent exhibitions. I also make photo books. Am a founding member of the Melbourne Photobook Collective, and sell my photobooks to any who are interested.