Nature Boy: a Photobook by Brad Rimmer

Discovered on the Flakphoto Network on Facebook this morning.

Another book I'd like to buy.

"Nature Boy is a sequel to Australian photographer Brad Rimmer’s monograph Silence (2009). Probing at the essence of rural Australia and the emotional impact of the natural landscape upon individual psyches. Rimmer this time adds stories to the compendium. The raw, yet poetic narratives conjure the late adolescent years of a lad wrestling with whether to stay or leave his remote country homeland for the lure of the city and so much more. A coming-of-age account the elegant mix of observation and heartfelt reminiscence are almost autobiographical, and hint to the nascent sensibilities of the young Rimmer as an artist."
T&G Publishing — Our Books

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The winner will be announced at Photo London in May alongside an exhibition of the shortlisted books. The jury this year was comprised of Jörg Colberg, Ellis Jones, Joanna Piotrowska, Polly Fleury and Michael Mack.
More info on Mack's website

The shortlist is:- Andrea Alessandrini, Piccola Russia, Marta Bogdańska SHIFTERS, Maria Dabrowski Odsłonić , Deanna Dikeman Leaving and Waving: 90 Good-byes, Jonas Feige Stadt, Land, Fluss , Damian Heinisch 45, Miro Kuzmanovic Signs by the Roadside, Yura Kolomiets What is the corner looking at? , Nina Perlman
[Architects, Pigeons], Sara Vighi
Handbook of a Town

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I recently purchased a new tripod head. My Manfrotto is over 30 years old and has been driven over accidentally at least once. The original head had finally worn out a couple of years ago it then sat in the corner of my darkroom unused. I borrowed a smaller one with a geared head to replace it. I was so impressed with the head I decided to buy a new head for my 30 year old tripod. Earlier this year I replaced it and began using it again. I use it for both my Hasselblad and my 5 x 4 monorail camera.

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New Publications in 2020?

The annual Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Australia in St.Kilda road, is only a month away. I share a stand with the other members of the Melbourne Photobook Collective.

This year I am publishing a new book. A self published booklet entitled ‘Body Bags & Other Misdemeanours” It is a 42 page book printed on 100 gsm inkjet paper with 27 colour pictures, stapled in an edition of 5.

The book examines ways is which the human form is represented, or even misrepresented. It will be available on sale all weekend at the gallery.

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Books I'd like to buy.

 Day Sleeper Dorothea Lange – Sam Contis.
"A collection of pictures so contemporary in feel, it's difficult to reconcile them with the Lange we know" – Wall Street Journal Magazine
"Untethered from the heavy responsibility of telling the stories of people in dire situations, [these photographs] delight in the texture of cotton shirts and weathered hands, more ambivalent and playful than [Lange's] state-sponsored work. – The Independent
In this book Sam Contis presents a new window onto the work of the iconic American photographer Dorothea Lange. Drawing from Lange’s extensive archive, Contis constructs a fragmented, unfamiliar world centred around the figure of the day sleeper – at once a symbol of respite and oblivion. The book shows us one artist through the eyes of another, with Contis responding to resonances between her and Lange’s ways of seeing. It reveals a largely unknown side of Lange, and includes previously unseen photographs of her family, portraiture from her studio, and pictures made in the streets of San Francisco and the East Bay. Day Sleeper will be featured alongside other works of Contis’ in the exhibition Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures at the Museum of Modern Art, February–May 2020.
Day Sleeper Dorothea Lange – Sam Contis – MACK

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New Tumblr

Last month I started a new tumblr entitled 10 years ago today. The idea is to look at my digital archive each day, from 10 years ago. Pick a picture. Then upload one that still resonates with me. It was also 10 years ago that I bought a digital camera that had the potential to make large prints. I made several at a2 and a3 and one at over a meter on its longest edge from it.

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