Millennium Man?

Millennium Man 2020-01-31 07:23:33
Sunshine Marketplace shopping centre has a statue made by Big Fish in Footscray called ‘Millennium Man’. Originally deigned to last 5 years, it was built and installed in the late 1990s. It has stayed in its current position outside the cinema complex to this day. It is currently fenced off. I hope it will be repaired and restored. More importantly I hope it is kept. My pc3020 tumblr has some pictures of it before restoration. I have a small flickr album of photographs of him as well.

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Quotes & the archive?

While pockets of the internet, ponder the future of flickr, I decided to deep dive into my own archive. In the process I found this gem of a quote from this picture:-
"I appreciate its historiocity, but it does little for me beyond its cognitive appeal."
The comment was from a friend and was a joke and part of a larger voting game DBOLRL. This camaraderie has long disappeared. Sadly. Still I enjoy seeing others work and engaging a little with them as well. Knowing that the pictures are displayed to their best and no feeding some advertising algorithm helps too.

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January Skies?

I have been taking advantage of the unusual weather patterns here in Melbourne at the moment. Usually summer means bright blue skies, not a cloud to be seen and heat. This was how it had been until a few days ago.  Combine this with a recent discussion I had with Gary in South Australia had me visiting some locations I don't often frequent, well enough anyway. Mainly because they don't fit into my ongoing project on Sunshine. Today of course was an exception as the clouds and skies were much more interesting than usual. I have spent quite a lot of time outside making pictures these last few days. Mostly digital though.

Gary and I discussed the Kororoit creek while I was staying with him. The creek itself runs though Sunshine and has various paths and tracks along it. The creek eventually goes out to Port Phillip Bay at a place called Altona. Altona has several refineries and a lot of low lying ground. This makes for challenging pictures, even on public land. Today’s skies were a bonus though. Melbourne’s only road that has a ford is here too. This floods periodically and was indeed flooded today. This didn't stop several people mainly in 4 Wheel Drive vehicles from crossing the creek. Altona abuts another suburb with a rich history, Williamstown. I spent the day criss-crossing the boundaries of the two.
2020-01-23 11:08:33 Racecourse Road, Williamstown facing north west near the ford created by Kororoit Creek
2020-01-23 11:15:21 Racecourse Road, Williamstwon facing south east, the ford in the middle ground
2020-01-23 11:09:44 Werribee train line, with refinery infrastructure in the background

2020-01-23 11:12:01 Dead trees, and Werribee train line, with refinery infrastructure in the background
2020-01-23 11:41:34 Soccer field in front of refinery at Altona.
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Social Media Malaise?

There seems to be a shift in approach to social media. Andy Adams, Bryan FormhalsJorg Colberg Noah Kalina and Alec Soth all are writing and distributing via means other than Facebook or Twitter. Lewis Bush began the year by advocating for a shift away from Twitter. Will the idea gather steam and snowball?

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Flakphoto & Andy Adams

sign up screen at flak.photo
Andy Adams is an all round nice guy and one of the webs biggest spokespeople for Photography. He is launching a new newsletter and is hoping as many as possible will sign up. You can do so here, flak.photo

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Alternate Browsers?

I do not use Google Chrome, habitually, although I use the map feature often. I do not use google as a search engine either. The reasons are quite clear in the quote below from todays Age newspaper article. I use duckduckgo as my primary search engine with Safari which has historically given better colour support and management than any other browser. Using alternate browsers makes sense in an our current highly surveilled world.

Some other browsers to consider are, iCab, Opera, Firefox, Tor.  On the desktop and mobile platforms.
Google has talked about this approach before. While Apple and Mozilla don't derive much money from advertising, the vast majority of Google's revenue comes from digital ads.

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Photo 2020

PHOTO 2020 is a major new international festival of photography that will activate Melbourne and sites across Regional Victoria with the most inspiring photography from Australia and around the world.

Taking place every two years, the festival addresses the major issues of our time in a program of free exhibitions, outdoor displays and artist commissions across the city, as well as talks, film screenings, masterclasses, education programs and awards. Presenting ideas critical to contemporary photographic discourse, PHOTO encourages the public to engage with and think about photography and visual culture in new and inspiring ways.

The inaugural festival, PHOTO 2020, runs from 23 April to 10 May 2020 and is being delivered in collaboration with over 25 cultural institutions, museums, galleries and universities. The theme for PHOTO 2020 invites artists, curators, writers and academics to interrogate the relationship between photography and truth in the post-internet age.

More info on their website.

Given the size of the photo art scene here in Melbourne I’m surprised I only know 4 of the 70 Australian artists; personally. But I'm excited to see Martin Parr is contributing.

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Some early year ruminations.

West Sunshine, 2020-01-09 17:05:05
I am no fan of best of lists or end of year lists at all.

I will never write about gear. I envy after several pieces of kit. But they are all mostly on the 2nd hand market these days.

I write here for two reasons, to practice my writing skills, both generally and as I consider my PHD application at some point in the future. Oh and to showcase some of the work I am working on. This image to the right is from my ongoing Sunshine Project, on tumblr
Here’s a list of projects I am working on as they're called these days:-

  • Sunshine, postcode 3020 and its changes using both film and digital, the film idea is titled  'Sunshine in Silver Stanza 1 though X', the digital work lives online on tumblr [pc3020.tumlr.com]. For now.
  • Several photobooks in various stages of pre-prodcution and a handful completed listed on my main website a link will be added once my technological issues are resolved.
  • Collage and montage projects, these have just this year begun. After many years of gestation. The plan is for them to be small cheap 6x 4 postcards.
  • A small group of pictures currently titled ‘A Winter Mornings Walk’, inspired by Robert Adams’ work Summer nights. [silver gelatin a work in progress final size to be determined]
  • A series of silver gelatin prints I have printed and exhibited twice called Maps.
  • A series of silver gelatin prints about bridges all shot on 5x4 film and more than 20 years unfinished.
  • A series of silver gelatin prints on the urban landscape from both 5x4 film and 120 film black and white.
  • A small type C print series of pictures near on and around the Ring road M8 freeway, in progress.
  • Two  of tumblrs that explore time and place one at work  the other at home as well as a tumblr of pictures uploaded on the the fly that are loosely curated in any order that suits, the only connection being visual from picture to picture
  • A large box of polaroids that needs editing down to a book.
  • One tentative exhibition has been proposed but is still in the verbal discussion phase.
  • Working on the South Eastern fringes of the Mallee, and the rural towns in-between
  • C Roads and other Adventures a digital psychogeographic exploration of Victoria, or anywhere else I wander with "purpose" 
  • Pictures of nothing or as I like to call it Neo-Documentary

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Flickr is AWESOME!

Tottenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2004-10-10 17:57:32  [Aluminium]
The second picture that I uploaded to flickr in 2004.

I have been a  flickr.com pro user since 2004.* I have invested heavily in its service for my own creative needs and to share with a larger community. Now with the NBN I also backup all my jpegs and  tiff files. I have unlimited storage and bandwidth for about $75.00 AU per year. It is worth every cent. If you care about your photographs and want to keep them safe and not be used as some kind of ad or artificial intelligence fodder then consider using flickr as a minimum to store your work, but consider getting involved as well. Smugmug as the new owners are doing a great job with flickr. I see no reason why SmugMug would allow this great service to fade! Don't just listen to me I am biased after all; 16 years of biased in fact, Read this article if you need some clarification.  Ferdy Christant says it in much more detail, more eloquently and logically than I ever could. Follow me s2art. Or not. Flickr is still the best place in the world to share and store your photographs!

* This is not a paid endorsement, although I have used flickr daily since 2004. I continue to enjoy it and use it creatively and socially and now as a secondary backup service.

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Bush Fire Aftermath Flowerdale Victoria Australia 2009-03-02
Bush Fire Aftermath Flowerdale Victoria Australia 2009-03-02 16:05:17

Australia is currently experiencing another bushfire crisis. Bushfires have severely impacted on many parts of the east coast mainly small towns and hamlets that have expanses of bush all the way to the town edge, sometime with only the sea as a barrier to safety. This quote is from The Financial Review by a journalist who lived through it. It resonates with me because technology forms such a large pat of my life.
On the ground where it matters, people have not been tuned into politics or the cricket or Twitter. Technology was largely rendered useless. It was about petrol, cash, food and shelter.

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Hasselblad Heroines shines a light on female photographers around the globe as they make their mark in what has been typically referred to as a male-dominated industry. Through these weekly spotlights, each Heroine shares their experiences, tips, and inspiration with their Hasselblad to fellow photographers.

Read the full article here

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Rinse and Repeat; a gallery on flickr

rinse & repeat

One of my favouite features of flickr is the ability to create galleries of other people's work. These can be as simple as 'favourites' or revolve around an idea simple or complex, I have several of these galleries on flickr. Click on the picture above to see the whole gallery.

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