photography & darkroom services?

I have a google business page. Click here to view the services I offer.

Here's a brief list

  • Black & White film processing, 35mm, 120 format, & 5x4
  • Black & White Silver Gelatin Prints from 35mm, 120 & 5x4 film, any size paper up to 16 x 20 inches.
  • Apple Mac computer classes, one to one or in small groups.
  • Classes in Camera use including advice and tips on how to best use your phone to capture images.
  • Consultation on archiving of analogue prints.

Contact me for pricing and availability. I currently work part time as an educator so this work is conducted after hours, ie from 5:00pm onwards. It is subject to availability too.

My CV can be found on my CV page, my gallery of work, ( a work in progress ) has it's own page too.

I have several social media accounts, in order of preference and activity they are:-