BIFB 2019

Liu Bolin, Balloon No. 1, 2012 [detail]
This years program for the Ballarat International Photo Biennale has been announced. The headline Artis this year is LIU BOLIN. An artist whose work I am familiar with albeit on a small scale. As for the general paying public maybe not so much, and at $18.00 we shall see. It forms part of the core program.  I enjoyed David Lachapples work in 2017, also part of the core program, there were no surprises in his work however. I can imagine that Liu’s work will have a similar appeal to many people again this year.

I have been attending the Biennalle since it first opened in Daylesford. It was 2007. The venues were varied and iconoclastic, I remember old mills partially open to the air and small shops and even pubs, housing exhibitions across the region. Jeff Moorfoot was the man responsible and what a great advocate for photography he was and remains to this day. Over the years there has been some amazing work and the festival continues to go from strength to strength. A new National Centre of photography is being built in Ballarat as well, at 4 Lydiard St South, Ballarat. The Biennale is a feature on the calendar of the Photographic art wold here in Victoria, if not Australia. Next year we are also having another large photography festival Photo 2020. International Festival of Photography 23.4 - 10.5.2020 Melbourne and beyond. All in all a great couple of years on the horizon.

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